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DFL Senate District 47
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Woodbury, MN 55125

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612-470-3528 Please leave a message with the Subject;
so our volunteers can direct your call to the ~50 positions on our Central Committee. Our Central Committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month; 6:30pm - 8pm.
Zoom &/or Location varies for the business meeting or workshop. 

Join us in person, twice per month, Mondays 7pm and Saturdays 1:30pm
For a 30min+ Coffee & Conversation. 
email Jim at

What's on the CONTACT page? (updated 9/4/2023)

1 Contact us via social media, email, letter, at our monthly meeting, or casually for Coffee.
2 About Us. 
3 Elected DFL party -  local leaders
4 Volunteer
5 Get elected as a Precinct leader (ages 16+)
6 Convention Documents Apr 23, 2022
7 Sign up for our E-newsletter. We email Twice per month; four photos & links. 

About Us

We are local residents working together to promote progressive values, advocate equality for all people, and create strong communities through service, education, and empowerment.

We are the Big Tent Party.  We encourage a broad spectrum of views among our members. We embrace our diversity--gender, age, occupation, social-economic status, sexual orientation, labor unions, and farm organizations. We believe (as a group) that we are not monolithic, and we do not take any vote for granted. We are focused on knowing our neighbors, and we believe SD47 plays a vital role in our community.  

What laws do we want to pass? We approve our 6-page Party Platform by 60% vote at our Convention. The headings are the MN Legislature committees that hear bills on that topic. This is our 2022 Platform:

This was our 2020 Platform:

Elected DFL Local Party SD47 Officers

Contact us at 

Chair: Jodell Miller

Vice-Chair: Walter Dobgima

Outreach & Inclusion:  Kimberly Moore

Treasurer: Eunice Sandell

Secretary:  Max Moses

The Senate District 47 Executive Committee has 5 party officers, 12 Directors and several Delegates (to state and regional groups). When we include the 19 Precinct Chairs + the Executive Committee, together we are the SD47 Central Committee. 

Our Central Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm - 8pm. (No meeting in December.) 

Precinct Chairs get elected in February for 2-year terms on Caucus Night to form the Central Committee. 
The Executive Committee get elected after March for 2-year terms at the SD47 Endorsing Convention.

Join us! Get Involved with local Democrats
On your own time, At an activity or Recurring events. Email
We engage with people age 16+ (Parents can bring and supervise their children to our family-friendly events or join us via zoom & mute. Participants are mature enough to drive or arrange transportation to local events in south Maplewood and Woodbury, MN.) People ages 16+ can attend Caucus Night, present proposed laws (Resolutions) and lobby their legislators.

When you turn age 18+, you can register to vote at (MN Secretary of State) it takes about 3 minutes with your Driver's License.

Get a text Reminder to vote (or Register across the US) Register to vote at  

On your own time:
[ ] Write Postcards 
[ ] Design Graphics, photos and marketing
[ ] Social Media: Like, post and share
[ ] I have an idea or suggestion that's not listed here

At an Activity (weekdays, evening, or weekends)
[ ] Meet & Greet with Candidates
[ ] Listen & Learn on issues
[ ] An Activity listed on our Events Calendar
[ ] Rally at the Capitol and Waving Signs
[ ] Having a yard sign (sign up here) or hosting a Hub or Drop-off

Recurring Events
[ ] Coffee & Conversation Mondays 7pm & Saturdays 1;30
[ ] Literature Drops - morning or afternoon 1 hour blocks
[ ] Door Knocking with a small group - weekday evenings, weekends
[ ] Phone banking at a scheduled time - 1 hour shift
[ ] Neighborhood Precinct meetings - 60-90 min. at a local place, park, bar or backyard get-together

We're setting up a volunteer sign-up process with Action Network. 
Contact to volunteer. 

Chat with neighbors?

We care about issues that directly impact us and family members, so it's important to be an Informed Voter on local issues. Each voting neighborhood is called a "precinct". We can talk with neighbors and organize events, in the role of "Precinct Chair". 

Each precinct in SD47 can host grassroots effort to register voters, meet Candidates, discuss key issues and get voters to cast a ballot in every election.  

Precinct Chair and Vice Chairs
Page 9 of the DFL Officer's Guidebook lists duties. 

"The Precinct Chair is charged with organizing the DFL Party in the voting precinct and serves on the Organizing Unit Central Committee. The Chair and Precinct Vice Chairs assist with contacting local DFL voters, recruiting volunteers and supporting campaign activities, including

1: • Communicating with Precinct Caucus participants about DFL activities and events during the two-year cycle.

2 • Canvassing precinct residents to identify and keep record of likely DFL voters.
3 • Identifying DFL voters in the precinct who are willing to work on campaigns or have campaign lawn signs on their property. 

4 • Facilitating voter-registration efforts in the precinct.
5 • Distributing the DFL sample ballot and campaign literature for endorsed candidates. 

6 • Assisting with get-out-the-vote efforts at election time.  

Want to be an involved citizen? It's fun and rewarding to meet your neighbors and talk about things you care about. SD47 has 20 Precincts of about 5,000 voters; each has a Precinct  Chair and two Vice-Chairs (click here for a more detailed job description).

Want to find about more? Contact us at

Don't know your precinct?  Click here  (Minnesota Secretary of State Pollfinder)

SD47 elected Convention Delegates on Contactless Caucus Night Feb. 1, 2022. These Delegates voted to endorse our candidates. Find the 2022 Convention delegate list by precinct by clicking here.

Resolutions Ballot

On Caucus Night, Democrats offer ideas "there should be a law..." on a Resolutions form. The Resolutions Committee reviews and prioritizes the top ~100 ideas, which we vote to approve

SD47provided resolutions in advance of the convention  Click here for the ballot.  

The top Resolutions are sent to the CD4 and CD2 Conventions, then to the State Convention. That's how we form our DFL "Action Agenda" to pass new laws.
Photo: (Left to Right) Ceri Everett, Shivanthi Sathanandan, Ken Martin, Marge Hoffa, Leah Midgarden, Bahea Manasra. 

Be Heard - Shape DFL policies. 

CONGRATS to the MN DFL party officers. @MinnesotaDFL on Twitter,  elected on Sat. Feb. 11, 2023:
Ken Martin, Chair; @kenmartin73
1st Vice Chair @MargeHoffa
2nd Vice Chair @Shivanthi Sathanandan
Treasurer Leah Midgarden
Secretary @CeriEverett
Outreach @BaheaMManasra 

We want to thank all the candidates who ran, to strengthen our Democracy, campaigned well, and offer choices.

Apply to represent Senate District 47 at our regional and state boards.
We have (six) Delegates leadership positions  + (six) Alternates

a) CD2 is for US Congress Rep. Angie Craig's voting area. Meets monthly. Use this Jan 17 link - to submit a question

b) CD4 is for US Congress Rep Betty McCollum's voting area. Meets on the 2nd Monday, 6:30pm via zoom.

c) SCC is for state-wide policies - travel within Minnesota, (four) quarterly Saturday meetings, 10am - 4pm. Travel is not reimbursed; sometimes zoom option is offered. 

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