Get $10,000/voter for Energy upgrades

Get $10,000 in 50% + Discounts & 30% Tax rebates  via Biden's IRA

Our Director, Ajeet Yadav, attended our January MLK event, and he is going to write a journal about his experiences with Energy Updgrades in his own home. Stay tuned for the Next Steps. 

Renters/Homeowners: Look up how much money you get, via Biden's #InflationReductionAct here:

What projects can we do? 
1 New or used EV Car Get $7K off new or $4K off used
2 Window unit #heatpump A/C + heater
3 Get a Home Energy evaulation, then insulate, caulk & weatherstrip
4 Replace windows with triple-pane, gas-filled High Efficiency windows
5 Wiring for a bigger electrical panel, wiring, plus the appliance:  EV Charger, Induction stove, heatpump clothes dryer, heatpump hot water
6 Home Solar or Geothermal heating
7 furnace replaced by Heatpump model
8 Ask your landlord to do projects that reduce tenant's bills

 “Always anchor our external direct action with the power of economic withdrawal.” Martin Luther King, Jr. directed people to boycott to reduce oppression in his last (Mountaintop) speech Apr 3, 1968.

MN Senate District 47 DFL