VOTE one time  in ODD YEARS 2023 (& 2025)
Did CANDIDATES do what they said during the campaign? Do you recall from 4 years ago?

If you regularly follow several News sources and Advocacy groups, you can consider
WHO ran for elections?
WHAT did they offer and promise?
DID they deliver?

When everyone votes, Democrats WIN.
Vote for ALL the candidates on the ballot, for ALL of us. Be an informed voter. 


PHOTO shows our SD47 campaign to increase VOTER TURNOUT by 10%. 
While no local ISD834 or ISD833 candidates sought the DFL Endorsement from CD2 DFL, we identified our DFL PARTY PLATFORM, on Education, and the candidates positions on those values. 
a) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
b) Union endorsed / UTSWC and Education Minnesota
c) Counseling and Mental Health
d) Candidates kids are enrolled in the public schools

If you want to seek the DFL Party "Letter of Support" to get all 40,000 of the democrats contact info; or the "DFL Endorsement" to get our organization to help you get elected, contact the  DFL state party at or the SD47 Chair. 
DFL Sample Ballots  for (19) Voting Neighborhood "Precincts" 
How can you help Democracy? DFL SD47 is 100% Volunteer led and 100% funded by Donations
If you value being an informed voter, donate NOW,
so SD47 can provide a newsletter by email and
a Sample Ballot chosen by endorsing conventions. 

a) Ages 16+ can volunteer their time to promote the better candidates,
b) Ages 16 - 18+ can set up a fair system by running for DFL party leadership in SD47/Senate District 47, Congressional districts CD2 and CD4, and the State Central Committee. This is Citizenship. 
b) Minnesota Citizens ages 18+ can donate $75/per voter or $150/per couple to get the leaders we want --- and Minnesota law lets citizens get one refund in 30 days, for support of state-wide candidates or parties. 

Donate $75 to DFL SD47 so we can ELECT all the DEMOCRATS.

Early Money wins elections. Donate NOW. Become a $10 MONTHLY DONOR. 
What's on My Ballot? Where/When do I vote?   
When you VOTE EARLY, the annoying phone calls stop.

WHO you vote for is secret,
WHETHER you vote -- is a PUBLIC RECORD.
Dozens of Campaigns often get a list of who hasn't voted yet, halfway through the voting period. Then they keep calling you. 
You can request a VOTE by Mail ballot be sent to your home for EVERY election, and to VOTE EARLY you can drop off your ballot in person or mail it back.

The MN Secretary of State has info

a) Election dates
b) Where to vote, when
c) What's on my Ballot
d) Anyone can follow the rules to do a Voter Registration Drive
e) Election Results
f) How to be a paid Election Judge (age 18+) or paid assistant (age 16+)
and more. 
g) send me a Mail-in Ballot - for EVERY ELECTION so I can VOTE EARLY

Get a text reminder -

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If you  type, you go to:


Washington County Elections

City of Woodbury is in Washington County:

ISD833 SoWashCo Woodbury & Cottage Grove schools include SD47:

ISD834 Stillwater Schools includes SD47:

Ramsey County Elections

City of Maplewood is in Ramsey County

ISD622 North St Paul Schools includes SD47:

Levy Questions can look like this one, from SoWashCo Schools. 


bond question one sample ballot

Bond Question 1 

bond question two sample ballot

Bond Question 2 

bond question three sample ballot