3 WAYS to DONATE to elect Democrats
*Donate for an Event, *Be a Monthly Donor, *Give $50. Get $50. By using Minnesota's $50 PCR/Political Contribution Refund.

Donate to SD47 =  Elect Democrats, Engage on issues, Educate on democracy

Donations to SD47 DFL get Democrats elected to state, county, and local offices. We host Caucus Night to elect neighborhood Precinct Chairs and choose Resolutions (proposed laws). We vote at 3 Endorsing Conventions to select better candidates. We support Candidate events now through Nov. 8, 2022 General Election Day. We engage on issues people care about so we can Be an Informed Voter, in every election. We encourage people to contact our Elected Officials monthly: Say your name, Your voting address, the Issue, your position For/Against and a fact, reason or opinion. We educate people on civics, so we can follow Robert's Rules of Order for business meetings, know how to advocate, pass laws and learn how to run for office and help our candidates win. 

Donate $100 per couple or $50 per person to our ongoing local work and get your 100% refund from MN's Political Contribution Refund (PCR) in about a month after you mail the form.  

Do you want to become a monthly supporter? We have people who choose an amount to give every month.  

3 Steps to get your Refund:

1 Donate $50 (or $100 per married couple) to DFL SD47

Donate online with Act Blue, Pay cash at an Event, or Write a Check to 
DFL Senate District 47, PO Box 25893, Woodbury, MN 55125

Our Treasurer will mail you:
a) Receipt and
b) Form 2022 PCR 

2 You mail the Form and Receipt to the MN Dept of Revenue

3 You get a direct deposit or a check mailed to you.

Full program details can be found here.  Any questions about the program?  Please ask us at info@sd47.org.
Do you like counting cash and keeping accurate records? We have entry-level Treasurer positions for Ages 18+ as Precinct Vice Chair. It's a fun way to socialize and help make our fundraisers a little more fun. 

Do you like Budgeting? We follow a 3 month Budget process in August, September and October, to get our final Budget approved in November.  If you like numbers, spreadsheets, pie charts, graphs and data visualizations and goal setting,  Ages 16+ consider joining our Budget Committee. 

Contact senatedistrict47@gmail.com with 1) the position you'd like (VC Treasurer or Budget)  and 2) one or two sentences why this interests you. 
MN Senate District 47 DFL