Donate $75/voter or $150/couple -- so more neighbors get a DFL Sample Ballot; Vote for ALL the Candidates on their ballot. 
SD47 accepts Pizza & Pop donations - this is called an "IN-KIND" Donation. 
What's on this DONATE page? (updated 1/25/24)

1 Donate to SD47 DFL 
a) Donate Online via Act Blue link. Give one time, or Be a recurring monthly donor. 
b) Donate Mail a check or give cash in-person. 
c) Donate "in-kind" material goods, ex. candy for parades July 4 or Aug 25, 2024
d) Donate at an Event, Buy a ticket.


3 REFUND. Give $75, Get your slate of candidates elected and Get your $75 donation refunded to you / submit once per year. MN $75 PCR = Political Contribution Refund, via the MN Dept of Revenue. Donations tracked following MN Campaign Finance Board rules. 

4 RULES.  DFL SD47 follows the rules of MN Campaign Finance Board.  The Federal Election Commission/FEC has rules for national candidates and national parties.

5 ROLES. Serve on our Budget Committee (Aug - Sept - Oct) for ages 16+; Serve as a neighborhood Treasurer ages 18+ in the role "Precinct Vice Chair" to collect cash at events.

You can use this link to donate to DFL Senate District 47 all year long:

6 CANDIDATES. Donate directly to DFL-endorsed candidates

During Jan-Feb-Mar 2024, donate here:  QR code:

Lawn Signs! Reserve your Lawn signs NOW -- to display during the three election periods in 2024. Help us ELECT MORE DEMOCRATS!
Jan 19 - Mar 5 Presidential Nomination. Minnesotans for Biden-Harris is shown. 
Jun 28 - Aug 13 Primary Election
Sept 20 - Nov 5 General Election

DONATIONS are "VAN-tastic" -- Donate non-melty CANDY for Caucus Night - and for July parades! 

4 GENEROUS Ways to Donate to DFL Senate District 47

DFL= Democratic - Farmer - Labor party

1) Pledge a BAG OF CANDY or 12 CANNED DRINKS for 
a) Feb 27, 2024 Caucus Night; March Hotdish Fundraiser
b) April 6 Endorsing Convention, or Earth Day
c) July 4, 2024 - the Fourth of July
d) August 25, 2024 -  Woodbury Days parade 

2) Donate online via Act Blue:

2) Mail a check:
SD47 DFL, PO Box 25893, Woodbury, MN 55125

3) Go to an in-person Event & Donate cash - 
get Thank-You promotional merchandise, like Vote Totes, lawn signs, seed packets, or buttons.

 Your donation elects more Democrats! and DEMOCRATS DELIVER BENEFITS
Thursday, March 14, 5:30pm - 8pm Hotdish Challenge! at Woodbury Middle School cafeteria. 
Donate $20/family Ticket for Hotdish Challenge! Bring some cash to bid in the exciting Cake & Pie Auction.
Get $75 Tickets or $150/couple for our Spring and Fall Wine and Cheese events. 
Will you host us for May 12, 2024 Mother's Day, or a May / June Meet and Greet? 
Will you host us for Don't Boo! Vote around Halloween Friday Oct 18, 2024
Save the Date for the CD2 Fundraiser in Sept 2024! 
Give $75 PCR. Get leaders you want, & Get $75 back  

Give $75, Get Leaders you want, Get $75 back - Every year. 
Use Minnesota's "Political Contribution Refund" 

Only MN Voters can use MN's $75 PCR program, which is for state-wide candidates or parties, like the Democrats /DFL and SD47 DFL... We helped fund mailings like the one shown.

For real, What is this $75 PCR? MN's CFB explains:

Why Not Federal Candidates? The "Federal Election Commission" creates those rules. 

OPTION:  donate to the state-wide Democratic party. PCR explained, here:

SD47 DFL follows MN "Campaign Finance Board" rules for Minnesota political parties. 
Will you volunteer trust-worthy accounting-type (& behind the scenes) skills?

If you are detail-oriented, check out 

Watch the 30-min training module

or Read the 55-page rulebook by the Campaign Finance Board.

For a LOCAL election, candidate have to submit a 1-page form with the City clerk or School district. 

For FEDERAL candidates, the FEC / Federal Election Commission has extensive rules and reporting requirements. 
ROLES with SD47 Budget & Fundraising 
Do you get excited about Data Visualization? The story that numbers tell?
Look at this MHP chart "Cost of Housing is out of reach for many Minnesotans"
If you want to do stuff like this, with SD47, join our EXECUTIVE Committee -- Budget team and/or Fundraising team.
YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR...Are you a trustworthy 'numbers' & 'details' person? The math is mostly addition and subtraction. The data entry has online software. The details are delightfully PICKY. 

Do you like counting cash and keeping accurate records? We have entry-level Treasurer positions for Ages 18+ as Precinct Vice Chair. It's a fun way to socialize and help make our fundraisers a little more fun. If you are detail-oriented, check out 

Do you like Budgeting? We follow a 3-month Budget process in August, September and October, to get our final Budget approved in November.  If you like numbers, spreadsheets, pie charts, graphs and data visualizations and goal setting,  Ages 16+ consider joining our Budget Committee. 

Contact with
1) the position you'd like (CENTRAL committee VC Treasurer, EXECUTIVE Committe Fundraising or Budget)
2) one or two sentences why this interests you. 
DONATE to SD47-Endorsed Candidates 
Want to DONATE directly to local candidates?

DFL SD47 voted to ENDORSE Michelle Clasen. 
Re-elect Michelle Clasen for D5 Washington County Commissioner

Donate at

Support Washington County Commissioner Michelle Clasen
in our mission for positive change!
Donate today to help all people in Washington County thrive. 
Areas of current focus are:
HOUSING. affordable and emergency housing,
MENTAL HEALTH. expanding wrap around services and mental health,
WATER. water conservation and education,
ENVIRO. reduce waste and upstream waste hierarchy,
TRAILS. connect Woodbury bike and pedestrian trails to the St. Croix River.
Rep 47A Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger = Democrats Deliver! 

We delivered on promises for all Minnesotans and their families!
- Paid Family/Medical Leave for all
- Tax cuts
- Action to address Climate change
- Transformational investments in Education
- Increased Health care access
- Protected Reproductive rights

Donation link:
Rep 47B Ethan Cha = Democrats Deliver!

Let's build a Minnesota that supports working families, those who are vulnerable, and those who are our future. As your Champion,  I will work on the following priorities:
- Environment
- Families
- Economic security

Donation link:
Sen. Nicole Mitchell kept her promise to Voters
in 2023, 
passing legislation for:

* Reproductive Rights,
* Environment,
* Free & Fair Elections,
* Gun Sense,
* Public School Funding,
* Lgbtq Support,
* Veterans
* Projects for District 47

Donate Here:
Rep. Amanda's bill upped the PCR from $50 to $75 on Jan. 1, 2024. 
A little bit of History, and a Thank you to Rep. Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger...

Proposed Minnesota House & Senate House File 1489 & Senate File 1405

Should we update to Donate $100 and receive a $100 Refund?

RE: The Minnesota Department of Revenue Political Contribution Refund (PCR)

Members of the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate sponsored legislation that would double the Minnesota Department of Revenue Political Contribution Refund (PCR) from $50/person to $100/person & $100/married couple to $200/married couple (filing a joint application.)

HF1489 = SF1405 passed, as amended to $75

The House Elections Finance and Policy Committee. Taxes Committee Among the Minnesota House sponsors of HF1489 - our own Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger DFL SD47 & Josiah Hill DFL SD33 Minnesota Senate File 1405 (SF1405) The Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The Senate Elections Committee. The Senate Taxes Committee.
MN increased the $50 PCR to $75 PCR as of Jan 1, 2024 
Democrats Deliver:  You helped us WIN Benefits! 
With Your Donation, We Elected (14) Democrats out of (14) candidates! 
DFLers flipped the Minnesota Senate, maintained the Governorship and kept the Minnesota House.
We elected 13 of 14 DFL-Endorsed candidates; 14th Candidate is a Democrat, too.

One of our biggest expenses is the customized Sample Ballot for each of (*19) precincts,  following the 6-month Candidate Endorsement Process. We have mailed a postcard with the candidates who won a 60% vote for Endorsement. Every senate district has about 80,000 citizens - who get the opportunity to meet at Caucus Night and four Conventions in 2024 - to vote for top candidates. 

Senate District 47 (SD47) Helped Re-elect (5) State-wide offices:
General Tim Walz, Governor
Peggy Flanagan, Lt. Governor
Keith Ellison, State Attorney
Julie Blaha, State Auditor
Steve Simon, Secretary of State

SD47 Helped Elect MN Newcomers to the state legislature & county!
Nicole Mitchell Minnesota State Senator SD47
Amanda Hemminsen-Jaeger Minnesota House of Representatives SD47A Ethan Cha Minnesota House of Representatives SD47B
Washington County District 5 Commissioner Michelle Clasen

SD47 Helped Re-elect to National offices:
CD2 US Rep. Angie Craig
CD4 US Rep. Betty McCollum

SD47 participated in City of Maplewood DFL - to endorse for city council and mayor. 

SD47 invited School Board candidates in 622, 833, and 834 to get a DFL LETTER OF SUPPORT or Endorsement, with DFL CD2 and CD4. Local candidates got endorsement from ERHS Young Democrats and Local Teacher's Union UTSWC. 
MN Senate District 47 DFL