Donate $50 to DFL Senate District 47; get your $50 refund in ~a month.
The Minnesota Department of Revenue
Political Contribution Refund (PCR)
Donate $50 & Receive a $50 Refund!

The PCR allows a voter to donate $50 to a Minnesota elected official, political party or senate district and receive a $50 Refund.

A senate district donation not only provides assistance to individuals running for state offices, but also to individuals running for federal, county, school board or city offices.

Donate Online or Donate By mail
DFL Senate District 47
P.O. Box 25893
Woodbury, MN 55125

Donate $50 to a Minnesota elected official, a Minnesota political party, or senate
district between Jan 1 - Dec.31, 2023, and receive a $50 refund/person or a $100 refund/married couple (filing a joint application) from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

In addition to your check, the MN Campaign Finance Board requires a note with your full
name(s), occupation, employer, email address, and phone number.
 be sent to our SD47 Treasurer. You will receive a SD47 receipt and PCR form. Mail the Completed form and the Receipt to the  MN Department of Revenue. Expect a Direct Deposit or a check in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

The last day to file for your 2023 refund is April 15, 2024.

It's a WIN, WIN
For DFL state elected officials, the state DFL, SD47, and You!
Should MN double the $50 PCR to $100 / voter? 
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3 Ways to DONATE to elect Democrats

A) Donate CASH at an event. Over $20.01 & CFB requires us to track donor info on the envelope. 

B) Be a Recurring Donor. $50 EVERY YEAR. or Every Month!

C) Ask friends to Give $50. Get $50 
with Minnesota $50 PCR/Political Contribution Refund.

MN Voters can Donate $50 EVERY YEAR - Make it a RECURRING GIFT! 

3 Steps to get your MN Dept of Revenue Refund:

1 Donate $50 (or $100 per married couple) to DFL SD47
Donate online with Act Blue, Pay cash at an Event, or Write a Check to 
DFL Senate District 47, PO Box 25893, Woodbury, MN 55125

Our Treasurer will mail you:
a) Receipt and
b) PCR Form

2 You mail the Form and Receipt to the MN Dept of Revenue
Full program details can be found here

3 You get a direct deposit or a check mailed to you.
It's that easy. 

This MN program does not work for local elections or federal elections. 

Donate to SD47. 
Elect Democrats, Engage on issues, Educate on civics, Empower.

Thank you for donating! SD47 DFL endorsed 14 Candidates and WON 14 elections in 2022. 

ELECT. Your funds help Democrats get elected to state, county, and local offices, to serve the public interest. We host Caucus Night to elect neighborhood leaders (Precinct Chairs) and propose new laws (Resolutions). Our Delegates vote at three Endorsing Conventions to select better candidates. We support Candidate events January through November General Election Day.

ENGAGE. We engage on issues that make people vote.  Be an Informed Voter, and vote in every election. Tell our elected officials what you feel:
What are tips when you contact Elected Officials?  Say your name, Your voting address, the Issue, your position For/Against and a fact, reason or opinion.

EDUCATE. We educate people on civics, so our government serves the people. We train how to run for office and how to help our candidates win, for the benefit of all people in Minnesota.
We follow Robert's Rules of Order for business meetings.

EMPOWER. We encourage people ages 16+ to participate. 
SD47 DFL follows MN "Campaign Finance Board" rules

Do you like counting cash and keeping accurate records? We have entry-level Treasurer positions for Ages 18+ as Precinct Vice Chair. It's a fun way to socialize and help make our fundraisers a little more fun. If you are detail-oriented, check out 

Watch the 30-min training module

or Read the 55-page rulebook by the Campaign Finance Board.

Do you like Budgeting? We follow a 3-month Budget process in August, September and October, to get our final Budget approved in November.  If you like numbers, spreadsheets, pie charts, graphs and data visualizations and goal setting,  Ages 16+ consider joining our Budget Committee. 

Contact with 1) the position you'd like (VC Treasurer or Budget)  and 2) one or two sentences why this interests you. 
MN Senate District 47 DFL