Meet Nicole Mitchell, Candidate for State Senate District 53

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 25824, Woodbury, MN 55125
Briefly describe your qualifications:
I grew up in the district, and have always been active in the community. I am a mother and foster parent who will support education, a meteorologist who understands climate change, a lawyer with experience drafting legislation, and a military Commander who supports veterans.

What are your positions on 3-5 important issues?
Education: public education needs to be well-funded and accessible to all. Environment: we need to work to mitigate climate change impacts and protect the environment, especially water resources. Economy: support the economy by supporting workers with paid sick leave, more affordable and accessible childcare, and livable wages.
If you lose the endorsement, what is the #1 issue you would like the endorsed candidate to carry forward on your behalf?
Climate and the environment. Climate change is an issue that transcends many of the other issues, for example, increasing drought periods impact our farmers and food resources, pollution impacts our water supplies, etc.

What else should we know about you?
(That) I plan to be very engaged both while I'm running for Senate AND while I would serve. Some candidates are accessible only when asking for a vote. I've also been a life-long volunteer, ranging from work with abused women and the homeless to a lot build and teaching work with abused/neglected children. I also helped a Diversity and Inclusion program within the military. I want to make sure I represent EVERYONE and respect different experiences.
MN Senate District 47 DFL