Candidates Hall of Democrats
Endorsed by 60% of Delegates at City, Senate District, Congressional District, State Conventions
Our SD47 Delegates will attend/signup (T Feb 27, 2024) Caucus Night is at Woodbury High School,
then they vote to select Candidates on the "Sample Ballot" at four Endorsing Conventions
SD47 Convention (Sat Apr 6, 2024) at East Ridge High School. 
What's on the CANDIDATES page? (updated 1/18/24)

THREE ELECTIONS in 2024 are (Jan 19 - Mar 5) (Jun 28 - Aug 13) and (Sept 20 - Nov 5)

1 Ballot. Nine candidates on the DFL Presidential Primary Ballot.
Vote Jan 19 - Mar 5, 2024

CAUCUS NIGHT, Tues Feb 27, 2024 materials: 

2 Outreach Table for $50. Reserve your $50 outreach table for SD47 DFL Caucus Night on Tues Feb 27, 2024 at Woodbury High School. Lobby for DFL-aligned issues or your favorite Candidate.

3 The "Non-attendee form" for people who want to be DELEGATES or ALTERNATES to the SD47 Endorsing Convention, but cannot attend Caucus Night to get elected:

4 The "Resolution" Form to write a 5-word title and a 1-2 sentence proposed law, to vote Yes or No on Caucus Night.


3 Training. Online training from
a) NDTC. National Democratic Training Committee is free, via zoom or independent study. For DFL Volunteers, Campaigns, Candidates.
b)  MN DFL Training Hub from the state party
c) training to use the MN DFL VAN database of voters, VAN/Voter Action Network:


4 Endorsements - a dozen DFL Party documents that explain the process:
Community Caucus Groups
ERHS Young Democrats
DFL Senior Caucus
Advocacy groups
that align with our DFL Values: 

a) 2023-24 DFL Party Platform, to pass Key Laws this year, listed by Legislative Committee that hears that type of topic:
b)  permanent DFL philosophy "Ongoing Platform"

Do you support 60% of these efforts? 
DFL Action Agenda begins on Caucus Night every 2 years, when voters (age 16+) bring a Resolution form and ask their precincts to vote Yes or No.  Most people support ~most of it.

Key Platform Reports. To pass Key Laws, we elected legislators to promote these Platform  Reports in their  ~24 Legislative Committees.

We invite supporters to donate lawn signs in favor of their candidate/s, like this Biden-Harris sign and branded items. DONATE to DFL SD47 and get promotional merchadise as a thank you. While supplies last. For pick-up in Woodbury, MN.

Nine DFL Presidential Primary CANDIDATES
Vote Jan 19 - Mar 5, 2024

Ken Martin/Minnesota DFL Party gave a list of candidates who will appear on the March 5 DFL presidential primary ballot, to the MN Secretary of State.

The deadline to request to be on the ballot was 4:30 p.m, December 12, 2023. There is no filing fee or petition requirement to be included on the DFL’s ballot-approved candidate list.  Alphabetical List of DFL candidates are:


1 Joseph R Biden Jr

2 Eban Cambridge

3 Gabriel Cornejo

4 Frankie Lozada

5 Jason Palmer

6 Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato

7 Dean Phillips

8 Cenk Uygur

9 Marianne Williamson


DFL Chairman Ken Martin: “We’re excited to showcase our party’s values on Super Tuesday. The primary election is an excellent opportunity to identify and turn out new DFL voters. Minnesota is a must-win state in the general election and the DFL will take nothing for granted in 2024.”

Reserve a $50 Outreach Table

T Feb 27, 2024, Woodbury High School
Sat Apr 6, 2024, East Ridge High School

How do you have 1:1 conversations with Many Democrats? Want an Outreach Table? 

DFL SD47 hosts two events where you can reserve your Outreach Table. 
Caucus Night Feb 27, 2024 “Candidates & Issues Hall” Woodbury High School, MN
Endorsing Convention, Sat Apr 6, 2024 East Ridge High School, MN


Democrats walk by

6pm - 7pm
1:1 Conversations

Reserve your table

With 1-2 staffers to

*Sign petitions

*Share Calendar signups

*Answer FAQ’s

*Give branded items


Candidates / Issue groups that align with DFL values /Ongoing Party Platform

Seeking 1:1 conversations with Democrats in Woodbury & S Maplewood, MN
Your group's values must align with the DFL Party Platform.


Tues, Feb 27, 2024, Set up at 5pm-5:30pm; Curbside unload your car, then park

6pm Doors Open.  Staff your booth from 5:45pm - 6:45pm 

7pm OK to Cleanup or by 8:30pm most have left / the building closes


SD47 Caucus Night is at Woodbury High School, Use the THEATRE/ EAST Entry door (not the 40 other doors)

2665 Woodlane DR, Woodbury, MN 55125 


SIGN-UP now, or by MON FEB 12, 2024  and donate $50 to DFL SD47

Cash or Check to DFL SD47, PO Box 25893, Woodbury, M 55125

Or donate online at

Sign up:  $50 table SD47, Endorsing Convention Sat. Apr 6, 2024 East Ridge High School 

Sign up: $80 classroom,  for all-day campaign staffers

Chart below shows (14) SD47 Endorsed Candidates in 2022 Sample Ballot for US, State, Regional & Local elections.  We prepare (19) unique ballots, for your voting neighborhood Precinct. When everyone votes, Democrats win. 

Reserved Outreach Tables for Candidates & Issue Hall 

Thank you for supporting our Mission to Elect all the Democrats! 
Pat W. will greet you at Table 2, and direct you to set up your spot

Table 1 Registration & INFO, First Aid
Table 2 SD47 DFL Treasurer; Coffee and Conversation, Events

Table 3 DFL Senior Caucus. 
Table 4 Senator Nicole Mitchell
Table 5 Commissioner Michelle Clasen, WashCo District 5
Table 6 Ethan Cha for House 47B
Table 7 Moms Demand Action 
Table 8 Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger for House 47A
Table 9 HealthCare for All Minnesotans
Table 10 Biden-Harris for US President
Table 11 - DID YOUR DFL-ALIGNED GROUP want an Outreach Table? Sign up & donate:
When everyone votes, Democrats win. DFL SD47 endorsed (14) candidates and won (14) elections. The process get on the Sample Ballot (endorse or letter of support) begins on Caucus Night, Tues Feb 27, 2024 - for SD47 DFL it's at Woodbury High School. 

Want to run for elected office? or support candidates? A good place for Democrats to begin is through the National Democratic Training Committee. Watch 60-min zoom calls and ask questions in the live chat, or Study on your own in (9) 10-min sessions anytime.

A recommended (not required) course to take in our Online Academy is

Getting Your Campaign off the Ground

Have accessibility questions? Let NDTC know. 
Hosted by the National Democratic Training Committee. 

The MN Secretary of State advises candidates to make sure they have the QUALIFICATIONS to run for their office.

All Candidates must: 

  • be eligible to vote in Minnesota
  • have not filed for another office at the upcoming primary or general election
  • be 21+ years of age upon assuming office
  • have maintained residence in their district* for at least 30 days before the general election.   *Candidates for federal office are exempt; see Additional Qualifications for Specific Offices. 


NDTC Theme month logo that shows this month's theme, Messaging that Matters, Digital That Wins.

Free Training for All Democrats
24/7 and all for free.

You are the change your community needs.
Whether you want to run for office, work on a campaign,
or drive progressive values through local leadership,
we are here to provide the tools and training you need to be successful.

 For the full list, visit our upcoming events page.


Training Hub, MN DFL 

Sonia Johnson/MN DFL party affairs hosts weekly training sessions and lets you watch recorded sessions.

Get VAN voterfile database training, by MN DFL, here:

Want to "Run for Something?" 
If you're a progressive thinking about running for office — you don't have to go through it alone.

Overcome doubts - click the button for guidance and resources to get you started.
Women Winning

Run For Office

Now more than ever, we need our best advocates in elected office. Women Winning helps pro-choice women run for office and win — up and down the ballot!

2024 Wine, Chocolate, and Choice  Join us Thursday, March 7, 2024 at Quincy Hall in Minneapolis
by DFL groups or DFL-aligned groups

Candidate & Issues Hall - SIGN UP here:
Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation

Endorsed Candidates

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation, 353 W. 7th St., Suite 201, St. Paul, MN 55102. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate, nor is any candidate responsible for it.

County, City and School Board
Getting DFL "Letter of Support" or "Endorsement" to help you WIN:

Letter of Support = get DFL voter contact info, with access to the MN DFL "Voter Activation Network" VAN and mini VAN app. Addresses, Phones, Emails so you can reach out to your base of support and future constituents. 

Endorsement = SD47 Leadership and Volunteers help you. This means Events, Ads,  Communications & your name on the 19 customized DFL Sample Ballots, one for each voting precinct. 

In 2023, the MN DFL State Central Committee /SCC shifted jurisdiction for this support/endorsement process to CD2 and CD4 leaders, if your school district crossed Congressional District boundaries. ex. ISD834.  If all your voters are within SD47, ex. City of Woodbury candidates, SD47 DFL has a committee that endorses immediately following the candidate filing period in August. 

The CD2 DFL democrats elected US Rep. Angie Craig. The Chair is James Hepworth. 
James Hepworth | Chair |

The CD4 DFL democrats elected US Rep. Betty McCollum. The Chair is Greg Hansen. 

Greg Hansen

This was the SD47 process at the Local Candidates Forum 8/25/22:

Skip ahead to Video marker 19.09.02 to watch Candidates speak
(7:00pm - 7:10pm) Endorsing Process. Betty McCollum campaign update. Outreach & Inclusion Officer goals. 
(7:10pm-7:25pm) City of Woodbury
(7:25pm-7:40pm)  ISD622 North St. Paul Schools

Copy the Passcode: JB2?sKMk

On the Zoom cloud recording, skip ahead to 19.09.02

City of Woodbury, Mayor and City Council filed by 8/16/2022

Mayor: Ann Burt for mayor. Declined to attend.

Woodbury City Council
Molly Schaefer. 612-669-3365 Not available on 8/25/22
7:10pm Jen Santini
7:15pm Steve Morris
7:20pm Linda Ji

ISD622 School Board filed by 8/16/2022

7:25pm Dan Peltzman
7:30pm Michelle Yener
7:35 James Lipps

Candidates presentations on Sept. 1, 2022
Caleb Anderson YouTube video pending
Ben Jarman YouTube video pending

Candidates invited but no response from:
Thomas Willenbring
Kita Yang
Welcome by Jodell Miller/SD47 Chair Woodbury/S Maplewood with ISD622, ISD833 and ISD834 Schools.
Sam Rosemark/SD41 Chair participating for North St. Paul ISD622 - but not in attendance.
Pat Redig/SD33 Chair declined for Stillwater & ISD834 Schools
Eileen OKeefe-Weber/SD41 Chair declined for Hastings & ISD833 Schools

Carlo Montgomery/SD47 Endorsing Committee contacted all local candidates that filed for office by the Aug. 16, 2022 5pm deadline. Candidates were invited to ask for the DFL Endorsement, and/or speak for 5 minutes. Carlo Montgomery reported that no candidates are seeking a DFL Letter of Support or DFL Endorsement (access to the Voter database, help from volunteers or support from DFL party resources). About a week ago, the MN DFL State Central Committee updated rules around the endorsing process for the next cycle. 

Thanks for participating. Be an informed voter. Vote Sept 23 - Nov 8, 2022. 
DFL Endorsed at 5/23/22 City of Maplewood Convention:
Mary Lee Abrams/Mayor (holding Vote sign)
Chonburi Lee/Council (with supporters)
Bill Knutson/Council (at Sheet Metal Workers Hall) 
MN Rep 53A Tou Xiong endorsed in the new SD44 (speaking with the microphone) 
Angie Craig Endorsed for US Congress CD2
Congrats to US Rep. Angie Craig on her CD2 Endorsement on May 7, 2022. Woodbury Voters living south of Bailey Road in SD47 can vote for Angie Craig for US Congress.
Economy, Healthcare, and  Education are top issues on her campaign.
@AngieCraigMN on Twitter
Betty McCollum Endorsed for US Congress CD4
Congrats to US Rep. Betty McCollum on her CD4 Endorsement on May 15, 2022. In SD47, Woodbury voters living north of Bailey Road and in south Maplewood can vote for Betty McCollum for US Congress.
@VoteBetty on Twitter
Nicole Mitchell Endorsed for MN Senate SD47
@NicoleM_MN on Twitter

Nicole Mitchell

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 25824, Woodbury, MN 55125
Briefly describe your qualifications:
I grew up in the district, and have always been active in the community. I am a mother and foster parent who will support education, a meteorologist who understands climate change, a lawyer with experience drafting legislation, and a military Commander who supports veterans.

What are your positions on 3-5 important issues?
Education: public education needs to be well-funded and accessible to all. Environment: we need to work to mitigate climate change impacts and protect the environment, especially water resources. Economy: support the economy by supporting workers with paid sick leave, more affordable and accessible childcare, and livable wages.

If you lose the endorsement, what is the #1 issue you would like the endorsed candidate to carry forward on your behalf?
Climate and the environment. Climate change is an issue that transcends many of the other issues, for example, increasing drought periods impact our farmers and food resources, pollution impacts our water supplies, etc.

What else should we know about you?
(That) I plan to be very engaged both while I'm running for Senate AND while I would serve. Some candidates are accessible only when asking for a vote. I've also been a life-long volunteer, ranging from work with abused women and the homeless to a lot of work with abused/neglected children. I also helped build and teach a Diversity and Inclusion program within the military. I want to make sure I represent EVERYONE and respect different experiences.
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger Endorsed MN House SD47A
@Amanda_MNHouse on Twitter

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger
Mailing address:  583 Eagle Ridge Road, Woodbury, MN 55125

Briefly describe your qualifications:
  • Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 2016)
  • Master of Science in Genetics (Iowa State University, 2008)
  • Business/Management Analyst (the State of Minnesota, 2020-present)
  • Legislative Analyst (the State of Minnesota, 2020-2021)
  • Union Member and Leader (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, 2011-present)
    • Paid Parental Leave Organizing Committee
    • Government Relations Committee/Political Council
    • Steward
    • Board of Directors
    • Department of Public Safety Meet and Confer Team
  • Metropolitan Council Transportation Advisory Board Alternate (2021-present)
  • MetroTransit Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit Community and Business Advisory Committee (2020-present)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong and passionate public speaker
  • Advocate for working families
  • Effective lobbying skills
  • Extensive analytical experience
What are your positions on 3-5 important issues?
  1. Advocating for Working FamiliesMinnesotans shouldn’t have to struggle to meet their basic needs.
  2.  Addressing Climate Change: It’s our responsibility to take care of the planet, and protect it for future generations.
  3.  Investing in Education: Education should be equitable and accessible to all.
  4.  Championing Healthcare:  All Minnesotans deserve access to affordable healthcare and paid time away from work to care for themselves and their families.
If you lose the endorsement, what is the #1 issue you would like the endorsed candidate to carry forward on your behalf?

As the endorsed candidate, my main policy position is to champion paid family and medical leave for all Minnesotans.

What else should we know about you?

I am a passionate person who listens to understand.  I believe in bringing people together, gathering as much information and perspectives as possible, and leading with community input to make the best policy decision together.
Ethan Cha Endorsed for MN House 47B
@EthanChaMnHouse on Twitter

Ethan Cha
Website Address:
Telephone: (651) 321.8388
Briefly, describe your qualifications:

I have a passion to serve my community.  I have served the democratic party for the last 12 years in the capacity of an organizer, appointed a democratic delegate to the state party, caucus democrat club president, volunteered, endorsed, elect, and advocate for democratic interests and goals. I currently continue to support, in my many roles, other DFL candidates in the 2022 election.
My lived experiences will make me a well-rounded legislator, one who listens to his community and Champions all.

What are your positions on 3-5 important issues? Explain:
An issue close to my heart, as a stay-at-home parent I understand the needs and struggles of young families trying to find child care solutions for their children. Child care is essential to healthy and prosperous families.
With climate change, we need to ensure that the children of tomorrow have a sustainable and safe world to live in. We need to protect our water, soil, and air from pollutants that harm not just the environment but also the people who rely on them. We must fight for legacy funds to continue preserving the natural habitat of this region, expand trails and bike paths, and create parks to make our city livable. It is necessary for us to have a resiliency plan and mitigation solutions for extreme changes in our climate that will be
borne by our residents.
Our children in k-12 deserve a well-rounded education that will equip them for the rigor and competitiveness of post-secondary education in the global economy that awaits them. We must fully fund education and close the achievement gap.
Women's rights and gender equality: 
I have raised 3 beautiful daughters and am married to a wonderful wife. Supporting women's rights and gender equality is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable community.
Special needs and mental health: 
I have a deaf and blind family member, I know of the cries for help. We need to invest in families caring for those with special needs. This includes medical assistance, supplemental programming, and mental health support for caretakers.

What else should we know about you?

I appreciate all the work you do as volunteers. I started as a grassroots organizer 15 years ago, my family and I have volunteered hundreds of hours, and my daughters started phone banking and precinct walking when they were just 10 years old. They are in college now. I just want to say thank you to all of you.

State Candidates for Re-election

Secretary of State Steve Simon
Democratic ISSUES 

What is the DFL Party Platform? These ISSUES got 60% of the Convention vote. It's 6 pages long, grouped by the MN Legislature Committee that will hear the proposed law. The Headings are:

Agriculture, Business and Community Development, Civil, Human, and Constitutional Rights, Consumer Issues, Education, Energy, Government Accountability to the Public, Health and Human Services, Labor and Employment, National Security and International Policy, Natural Resources and the Environment, Public Safety and Crime Protection, Retirement Security, Tax and Budget Policy, Transportation, Veterans Affairs

When the MN Legislature is in session Jan - May, the Speaker of the House chooses 10 top MN Values, in an "Action Agenda" to prioritize which bills get heard and passed first. 
HOW DO I...become a Candidate? 
One way is to JOB SHADOW a current candidate to learn what they do, by doing it. You can volunteer with any of the Candidates in our Candidates Hall.  Another way is to engage in Civics and take CLASSES; we have links to free online resources. A third way to to care about ISSUES and advocate with your elected officials. We encourage our local Democrats to contact their elected officials every month: city council, county commissioner, school boards, board of soil & water, regional Metropolitan Council, state Senator and state Representative, US Congress and US Senate, President and Cabinet of 24 Secretaries. 
HOW DO my Elected Officials? 

When you vote and elect a Candidate, you become their "Constituent". When you contact them, 
1 state your Name
2 voting Address
3 name the ISSUE and your Position (For or Against)
4 offer (a reason, fact or example) why you feel and think this way.

CONTACT federal, state, and local elected officials, here:
HOW DO I...get the DFL Endorsement? 

If you want to run for office in south Maplewood or Woodbury and get our Democrat-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Endorsement, email 
We have a process set up for a "Letter of Support" within our voting area (city of Woodbury), and we coordinate with other Senate Districts on "Endorsement" that span 2+ voting areas. (ex. City of Maplewood DFL/Karla Sand) (SD44 Sam Rosemark/Chair). We want to hear from you before the 2022 MN SOS Filing Dates (May 16-31) and (Aug 1-16) and we endorse right after the filing period closes.  
MN Senate District 47 DFL