Some laws that are passed by the State or Federal government require more specific regulations to make them effective.  The agencies that oversee the laws propose these regulations.  These proposed regulations, whether State or Federal, are published publicly, and the public has an opportunity to review them and comment on whether or not they believe the proposed regulation should be enacted. 

It is very important to note that anyone can comment. Making comments is not just for lobbyists, organizations, or businesses, but for ordinary citizens. This process is open to all because these rules and regulations will affect us all and some of them will have an immediate effect on people’s lives.

Two proposed bills in the comment period that you might be interested in:   Three ways to be engaged in the legislative and rule-making process: 
  • You can testify at a committee 
  • You can provide comments to proposed regulations in the comment section within the timeframe allowed by going to the link from your computer and add your opinion on the proposed bill.  Visit here for a full list of proposed bills in the comment period.
  • You can write to your representatives with your thoughts on the proposed bill and tell them how it is likely to affect you
Regardless of which option you choose, your participation is most important.  It is what makes us a true democracy. 

You can find details about the process for public commenting public comment process below or here

Questions?  Ask us at and we'll get back to you and also incorporate answers into an upcoming blog post.  

--Patricia Parez-Jenkins, Issues, and Programs Director, SD53

How To Comment On Proposed Rules

Your Views Are Important. Your comments let the agency know what you support, what you oppose, and any improvements you'd like to make to proposed rule language.

Timing Matters. In most cases, you have one, and sometimes two, opportunities to make comments:
  • Initial Comments - You can comment on the proposed rules for a specified number of days until 4:30 pm on the final specified day.
  • Rebuttal Comments - For an additional number of days, you can file comments in response to the comments filed by others during the Initial Comment period until 4:30 pm on the final specified day.
The number of days are different in each case, and are identified in each rulemaking discussion topic in the "Discussions" link at the top of the page.

Be Prepared. Review the proposed rules, applicable public notices, the agency's Statement of Need and Reasonableness explaining its views on the proposed rules, related exhibits, and the filed comments of others to inform your views. 

Be Clear. Your comments should:
  • Identify the specific part or subpart of the rule you are addressing;
  • Specify whether you support or oppose the proposed rule language;
  • Give reasons for your views; and
  • Be specific and offer language changes to solve the problems you identify.
Important:  All comments will be made available to the public. Please only submit information that you wish to make available publicly. The Office of Administrative Hearings does not edit or delete submissions that include personal information. We reserve the right to remove any comments we deem offensive, intimidating, belligerent, harassing, bullying, or that contain any other inappropriate or aggressive behavior without prior notification.

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