Today there are two bills that are of concern to all and that can demonstrate other links you can use to find information.  

The State Senate creates a list of popular bills by topic that you can follow and see where they are at currently in the process of becoming law. 
One bill SF356 for instance is an abortion ban at the point of fetal heartbeat. This would of course be devastating. If you clink on the SF356 link you will be taken to the site where you can find where the bill was introduced and where it is going next. It also importantly tells you whether there is a House companion bill. For this there is a house bill HF643. You can clink on that link as well and see where it is being introduced and the next steps in the House bill. As you all know both the House and the Senate have to pass the bill in order for it to be presented to the governor. If this is an important bill for you, you can also sign up for My Bills. This will allow you to keep track of where it is at in the legal process to becoming a bill and talk to those senators and representatives considering it.
Another bill SF422 would get rid of the Political Contribution Refund program. There is a companion house bill namely: HF9. The same thing applies with these bills.  

If you sign up for My Bills you will be able to see if there is an alert on the bill and you will know when the next action is taken. In both cases the bills are still in committee and have not yet been presented for a vote. When the bills are in committee it is important to talk to the members of those committees as they oversee moving the bill forward to a full vote and therefore the possibility of having it become law. The problem is that you may or may not have a representative or senator from your area that is on those committees. You can still talk to them or even better yet you can provide testimony when these bills are presented to a committee. You can testify via email or in person (when we have in person hearings) or via zoom now.

--Patricia Parez-Jenkins, Issues, and Programs Director, SD53

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